• Class Times


    Tue: 6:30 – 7:30pm – Wells Blue School

    Thursday 7:00 to 8:30 pm – Wells Blue School

    Sat: 11.00-12.00pm – Wells Blue School

    Classes are held at:
    The Blue School Sports Centre
    Kennion Road
    BA5 2N

  • Gichin Funakoshi

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Wells members

 Our pledge to you is:

  • To do our best to keep all of our classes running.

  • To continue to charge by the session rather than charging monthly by Direct Debit as is practised by most Martial Art schools.

  • To ensure that the high standard of tuition and personal guidance will continue throughout the year.

  • To offer Nationally recognised Kyu and Dan gradings.

  • To ensure that you have access to extracurricular training sessions both at Local and National venues.

What we expect in return from our students:

  • Train hard

  • Train regularly,  please remember that all students are required to train at least twice a week between gradings.

  • Practice!

  • Keep your Licence up to date – out of date = no Insurance.



Kihon, Kata & Kumite

Shotokan Karate is made up of the three K’s: Kihon (basic movements), Kata (fixed forms) and Kumite (partner work).

These three elements fit together to train the students in a balanced way; equal emphasis is placed upon each part. To a large degree training in this way is what gives Karate the prefix ‘traditional’; a tried and tested method of systematically taking the novice (white belt) through to the coveted level of ‘black belt’.

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